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At ROF, we tailor every plan to everyone based on your unique goals, your level of fitness and whether it is weight loss or muscle gain we have a plan for you.

We know that no two people are the same, so no two programs are the same. Whether you work out or do not, are a pro couch

surfer or a pro athlete, whatever your age – we have a plan for you!

The ROF Community stretches around Ireland, people of all ages and fitness levels, with the same passion for been the best version of themselves.

Matthew Boccaccio

“To allow people achieve a hight level of happiness and well-being within themselves through a realistic, personalised, and focused approach to fitness and nutrition.”

CEO / Republic of Fitness


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Our Members

Everything at ROF is about making our members be the absolute best version of themselves. This means trying to give you the best possible experience, helping you to improve your overall level well-being, fitness and nutrition understanding whilst helping to make your life as good as it can be in our ever-changing world.

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Our Passion

We are committed to everything that we do. We want you to know that we are not only enthusiastic about our jobs, but that we care deeply about your success and how we can help you realise the goals you set for yourself.

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Our Honesty

We will always be honest and truthful and tell you like it is, but we understand that everyone has difficulties and struggles on their own journey. We are here for you and will guide you through the process, even when it is challenging.

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Our Knowledge

Just as we are passionate about providing our members with a fitness and nutrition education to help them be successful today, tomorrow and beyond, we feel that it is equally important that we never stop learning. We always want to further educate ourselves and share the things that make us better.

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Our Actions

Much like our clients, we are not perfect. But we want our actions to reflect what we ask of our members and we try to practice the things that we ask of you.

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Our Personality

Just as our members are all individuals, we are also. We want to let our personalities shine, while representing ROF in the best light possible.

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Our Understanding

No two people are the same and we recognise that. We aim to deliver a bespoke experience to every member by adapting to each of your situations and your surroundings.

Our Downtime

We want to always be available for you when you need us. But we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves too. It is important that we provide you access to all available resources, because we need our personal time too. It is not only ok to relax, it is important.

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Our Curiosity

It is imperative that we dig deep to understand what is under the surface of each situation. We want to be able to uncover your challenges and struggles so we can provide the answers to better support you in your journey.

Our Sleep

Good things happen to those who are well rested - members, coaches and staff alike. We encourage everyone to get in those hours.



We know a more educated member is a more successful member, so we have our coaches sharing their knowledge of up-to-date fitness and nutrition science. In addition to being a member of the ROF community after joining, you’ll have access to live Q&A’s on Facebook and Zoom and a variety of resources that will teach the skills to achieve success today and habits that last a lifetime.


When you join ROF, we pair you with a certified accountability coach that best matches your personality, lifestyle and goals to hold you accountable and help you adhere. Your coach will make personalised recommendations on your fitness and nutrition and habits that will keep you on track and your results in sight. You cannot replace a real coach in your pocket that understands your uniqueness like ROF can.


Most body transformation programmes are lonely and that can be difficult, so we created a safe place for you and other members to work together. The ROF community is made up of hundreds of people just like you who are invested in your success, are there to celebrate your wins, and understand your struggles. Once you join the ROF community, your family for life!