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Our Team


Director & Co Founder


I’ve been a coach / trainer for a couple of years now after falling into the fitness industry through my own transformation and recovery process. I set up friendly fitness in January 2016, joining forces with my business partner Paul O’Brien in 2018 forming the Republic of fitness. We established ROF as a base for a community dedicated to lifestyle transformation.
My dream is to build a community that will empower themselves and positively influence those around them to create healthy and thriving families and communities.

I can regularly be found on stage around the country leading colour runs or giving motivational talks on my experiences.

All of this and being dad to 3 children keeps me on his toes.


Director, Co founder and Coach


I joined the fabulous duo Matthew and Paul in November 2018. I am qualified General Nurse with a special interest in Cardiac Care and Diabetes. From a young age I have always been passionate about Fitness and Health. Being a team player is what I am all about, which started when I represented my county in Gaelic Football. So, to combine them both has been a dream come true. To have the opportunity to work with people in order to achieve their ultimate goals and passions is what drives me. I focus not only on fitness & health but also provide support and encouragement for our clients in finding their true purpose and living there best life. The possibilities are endless with my life journey so to bring our clients along with me is an added bonus, and I am very blessed to be able fulfil this in Republic Of Fitness.

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Director, Co-Founder & Head Coach


I am passionate about coaching and inspiring people to lead powerful lives. As a lifelong student of personal development, I am a qualified Life & Business Coach (LBCAI), Nutritional Coach (IINH) and Personal Trainer with a speciality in Behavioural Change. I founded Bootcamp West in Westport in 2009 and am co-founder with Matthew of Republic of Fitness in Westport. My purpose is to realise my full potential and inspire others to the same end. l love outdoor pursuits, particularly trail and mountain running with my dog and training in natural environments. I am also a semi-professional singer, avid reader, writer, columnist for the Mayo News and amateur actor. I live in Westport with my wife and son.




I have been a part of Republic of Fitness for the last two years after finding my love of health, Fitness and training people through my own personal journey. I am a qualified chef and have worked in that industry for the last 14 years. I love to combine my culinary knowledge with health and fitness to enable others in their own personal journeys! I am a personal trainer, have recently became a Crossfit level 1 trainer, and am currently studying in nutritional coaching.