October 2

Enda McDonagh (Online Client)


I would like to share the results of my 6 week challenge. In Jan of this year I had drifted back to old habits and had put on a good few pounds and was 96 kgs and not happy. I sat with Roseanne Meehan and made a plan to track in detail my food which i did and from that we made a plan to focus on certain areas and make changes all of which worked and i lost 6 kgs and started to get good nutrition habits in place.

With the onset of COVID 19 and given a family history of diabetes and heart issues and having many friends worldwide in the medical industry I really started to focus and decided to push on to lose the next 10kg and get my heart health in good shape and importantly my blood sugar on track. I can confirm my blood sugar is 100% normal for my age and my heart heart is perfect after getting a few tests last week.
I am now back in the shape I was 20 years ago when I was 25 and will kick on to progress further.

All i can say to people and having spoken of friends worldwide it is and will become more evident that COVID 19 affects people much greater who are compromised with heart related issues and diabetes and the latest numbers in Ireland are that there are over 800k people in Ireland yet to be diagnosed as been type 2 diabetic which is scary given the damage this disease causes to all organs.

I followed a Ketogenic diet for this 6 weeks and will continue as I have learned via DNA testing that my body processes good fat and uses fat better for fuel than carbohydrates so this is what I need to focus on.
Once again I would like to thank everyone at republic of fitness and my 6 week buddy Yvonne for doing the blog and keeping me going.

Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves both physically and mentally and in my experience if your physical health is not up to scratch it is hard to have a healthy mind.

Best of luck to everyone in our community on whatever journey of health and fitness you are on.

" The Power of Community to create great health is far greater than any doctor, clinic or hospital".


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