October 2

Paula Halpin (Gym, Yoga & Online Client)


I joined Republic of Fitness in May 2018 as I just felt I was on a downward physical spiral and needed something to boost my metabolism, calm my mind and have some ‘me’ time. I met Matthew and worked on an initial 6-week challenge programme, mixing weekly classes including, HIIT; TRX; Boxing and yoga with nutritional guidelines and accountability back up from the RoF team. 2 years later, I do not think I have been a week without some sort of training.

I love the choice of classes, the various time slot for classes… I enjoy taking part in the classes, the support from staff and members to keep going, not to mention the craic, tears and laughter and the good friendships formed along the way. 

Zoom and ROF during Covid-19 gave a new meaning to ‘lockdown’ as the team did everything to keep us motivated, and I know this helped so many people. RoF encourages members to practice yoga and have engaged truly remarkable yogi practitioners, and I rarely miss these classes too. Initially it took me a while to juggle family, work and gym time but I can safely say joining RoF has been one of my life’s better choices. My stats comparisons show it, but I know I am a better person, physically and mentally for being ‘me’.


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