October 2

Patricia O Reilly (Online Personal Training & Weight Loss)


Patricia O Reilly (Online Personal Training & Weight Loss)

My job is draining and sedentary. Before Covid-19, I got through my work, got home, ate what was available and handy, sat in front of the TV, fell asleep only to wake up and do it all over again.  I had to make changes.  I was dissatisfied with my body and weight and I found it difficult and frustrating to remain active because I have osteo arthritis and was unfit, I was not motivated.

I wanted a long-term plan for successful and lasting change, I wanted to start gently and build up gradually, I wanted a personal eating and exercise plan and support to manage difficult emotional and interpersonal challenges.  I wanted to develop a healthy relationship with my body and develop motivation to maintain a program, and deal with relapses.

Then Covid came and I was working from home every day.  Someone told me about Republic of Fitness, and I contacted Matthew.  I had a week’s trial, and it was life changing.

Matthew discussed the importance of tracking data – a new concept for me, I had a Fitbit somewhere and never used it.  He talked about self-discipline and restriction – this made sense to me – he advised that if I wanted a different outcome, I would have to change my habits.  My then current habits were steering me towards unfitness and obesity; therefore, it was essential to commit to new habits.  Matthew advised to be honest with myself – ask – am I able to do this?

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I became acquainted with Roseanne on WhatsApp. I was new to all this and I think ROF were new to doing things online.

Physical activity was a challenge, I was never in the habit of exercising.  I had good intent for years.  Many days I would have had under 1000 steps.  I had all the gym equipment, treadmill, spinner bike, weights, trampoline to name but a few, but they were unused and gathering dust.  I had no idea that it took a 5k walk to get 10,000 steps and neither had I any knowledge of how to build muscular strength or develop resistance with exercises using my own body weight, I had never done squats, mountain climbers, burpees, sit-ups, windmills etc.

I began my journey and I feel I have done well with a waist reduction of four plus inches in four months.  I believe that physical fitness is far more important in reducing health risks than achieving a particular body weight.  I now have more energy, better mood, better health, I sleep better, feel stronger, I have improved memory, a different body shape and I can fit into my clothes comfortably.

The benefit of having a personal trainer like Roseanne ensured that I was balancing my muscle groups correctly and was maintaining good form because of my arthritis, she taught me the importance of making changes in stages and safely.  I am over sixty years and aiming for a toned body that I can maintain, not bulky muscles.  The flexibility training from Roseanne and from taking part in yoga classes ensures that my muscles are being gently stretched and this has been of great benefit in reducing joint stiffness that comes with arthritis.

Incorporating the physical activity of walking and Frank’s classes into my life is a crucial step toward improving my overall physical and psychological well-being.  Now that I have developed muscles, I believe physical activity helps me lose fat because muscles burn energy rapidly.

I am grateful to ROF and the team there and I hope they will continue to support me I my lifestyle change in the coming months.


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