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High energy online training no matter where you are in the world.


High energy live online and fully coached training no matter where you are in the world!

Our live online classes are as close to being at the gym, with your coach and fellow gym members, without having to leave your house.

Our live online classes are perfect for busy parents, people with hectic work schedules or people living in rural areas with less access to training facilities.

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Join our trainer tailored, high intensity live coached workouts, designed to help you get the very best out of every single workout.

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We come to you in live in your living room so you don't have to worry about location, travel or family time.


Join a community of online warriors who support and encourage each other every step of the way.


To ensure we align with your specific needs and goals we bring all members through a 1-2-1 consultation.




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"My system works because every member of my team know what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. To not feel comfortable or to not be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My goal was simple - to build an environment in which people who wanted to make that change and take that first step were able to do so in a community that was safe, supportive and non-judgemental."

MATTHEW Boccaccio

Republic of Fitness


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A few examples of amazing transformations from our members.
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Jennie Rock Flanagan (Online Client)
6 Week Challenge

"What can I say but thank you to all the crew at ROF. I joined last April on their 21 day trial online and and I was hooked.  With the help of Matthew and my accountability coach Frank I was stuck in a rut like most in lockdown but I began to enjoy working out again with each class came a different trainer Mark, Frank, Matthew, Rosanna and Alex each had there different ways of teaching which I loved. However, even though I had the classes down I needed to reset my diet and mindset associated around food. Thats when I decided to do the 6 week challenge. Fast forward 6 weeks later and I'm down 8kg and not going back . Thanks to Rosanne for keeping me positive and for reaching my goal and pushing me. Why didn't i do this before?
Anyone looking for a change I highly recommend Republic of Fitness.

Jennie Rock Flanagan (Online Client) 
6 Week Challenge

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Nicole Whelan (Online Client)
6 Week Challenge

"Brilliant place, brilliant coaches, just finished my 6 week challenge and I'm over the moon I'm down 17 pounds, which I thought would take me a year to lose with the way I used to try to get in shape, got a brilliant nutrition plan, great classes which I actually really enjoy doing (never thought I'd say that) everyone is so welcoming and so helpful, Matthew, Frank, Alex.
My accountability coach Roseanne Meehan is absolutely fantastic for encouragement and keeping you on your toes when ya have days of feeling like giving up. anyone struggling with trying to get that motivation I highly recommend giving these guys a shout you wont regret it , I've tried everything for years and I'm so happy now.

Nicole Whelan (Online Client) 
6 Week Challenge