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The Republic of Fitness Training Facility is grateful to be based in a large industrial unit which allows us to offer a huge array of high spec equipment to our members. 

Our large cardio section has many skiers, rowers, treadmills and bikes. 

Our personal training area is fully kitted training space with everything one needs for high-level training and thus results. 

Our outdoor area is a purpose-built 300sqm training area. This training facility is perfect for getting body and lungs adjusted for outdoor goals such as marathons, tough mudders or the wicked Sea2Summit which takes place in Westport every year ;)

We also have two consultations rooms offering privacy and peace of mind to clients when in consultation with their coach. 

A Fit3d scanning machine, allowing us unparalleled tracking of our client's transformation every step of the way. This machine ensures us unparallel ability to track and meet the goals set on day one.

Our large class area means we can train large groups without overcrowding and as well as In-Gym and online fitness classes, yoga classes are included in all membership packages. 

We are also a private facility being situated off-road with private parking, shower and changing facilities. 

1-2-1 Training

Personal training options to suit all goals, budgets and training needs.

group training

Get your heart rate pumping with music blasting in our group training sessions.

state of the art training facility

State of the art health and training equipment.

varied timetable

A wide variety of classes at different times throughout the week.

experienced coaches

Get the maximum benefit from your chosen programme with our highly trained coaches.

friendly & supportive

We offer a friendly and supportive training atmosphere.

Choose from 1-2-1 training
or group classes

Whether your goal is weight loss or strength and conditioning choose the training style you prefer whether 1-2-1 training or group training.

Amazing classes!

Our Cross-Training classes offer a wide range of variety in terms of exercise styles.  Each workout is different, incorporating cardio, strength and mobility. From early mornings to late evenings; we have a timetable to suit all schedules.  Each class attracts a good mix of members with different abilities from complete beginners to experienced athletes. The only person your are competing with is YOURSELF!

A friendly and
supportive environment

A welcoming environment of like minded people. We all have goals to achieve and boundaries to push and we do it together. When you enter for fitness, you join a community.  

When you think of Republic of Fitness, delete the picture in your head of a 'typical' gym. Friendliness is at the top of our 'importance' list. We have members in their late teens up to their seventies, all shapes, sizes and abilities, working out together. 

The Republic of Fitness is not your typical gym. You will always be met by a smiling face and enthusiastic, motivated staff ensuring from your first step onwards is an enjoyable experience. At ROF we don't just focus on physical fitness but take mental and spiritual well-being very seriously. Mental health is as important as physical health and must be part of every client's journey.


Republic of Fitness



...I met Matthew and worked on an initial 6-week challenge programme, mixing weekly classes ...with nutritional guidelines and accountability....I love the choice of classes....the support from staff...not to mention the craic, tears, laughter and the good friendships formed along the way.
Zoom and ROF during COVID-19 gave a new meaning to ‘lockdown’ as the team did everything to keep us motivated, and I know this helped so many people. ROF encourages members to practice yoga and have engaged truly remarkable yogi practitioners, and I rarely miss these classes too....I can safely say joining ROF has been one of my life’s better choices. My stats comparisons show it, but I know I am a better person, physically and mentally for being ‘me’.

Paula Halpin (Gym & Yoga & Online Client) 
6 Week Challenge

You can read Paula's full story here

After a highly informative consultation with Matthew we decided on a 6-week programme. I then met accountability coach. From the get-go I was kept on my toes with daily check ins... After a successful 6 weeks the guys soon realized there was no getting rid of me. I was hooked. Between small group training focusing on strength, posture and cardio, as well as HIIT classes, jump fit and so many more, there really is so much to choose from. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, I have become so much more confident in myself, my diet has improved, and I have made friendships with some amazing people....

Chloe Moran (Gym, Strength
& Conditioning & Weight Loss)

You can read Chloe's full story here

... I was struggling with my weight and fitness levels and my confidence was at rock bottom, I was not happy with the way I looked. But with the help and support of the ROF team I am like a new person. I have lost the weight I struggled to lose with fad diets, my fitness levels have improved, and I have more energy. I am now happy with the way I look, and my confidence has improved.
The amazing team at ROF were coaching me through every step of the way, with up to date food plans and a huge selection of calorie burning workouts. Let us not forget about my brilliant accountability coach Roseanne who was checking in with me every day and was always at the end of the phone if I had a problem.
Republic of Fitness is more than just a “gym” it is a family and community.

Aoife Conway 
In Gym Client

I joined Republic of Fitness ..with the sole purpose of losing weight as fast as possible and not having to train anymore. I have been training with them for 6 months and I can no longer imagine my life without doing sport. My experience in Republic Of Fitness studio is being excellent, I can say that for me it is the best gym, the treatment is always personalised, they are always looking after me and they know how to make me give my 100%. It is a place where I could spend a lot of time, one because they have a huge variety of classes and two because the treatment and attention is always excellent. Even though the classes are collective I always feel that I have my own personal trainer, the trainer always gives you the time you need.

Fatima Ahouichane

In Gym Client