HELL AND BACK - 05/10/19


RoF went to Hell & Back on the 5th October.

What a day – sweat, mud, tears (one or two), even a bit of blood. But team spirit through and through and laughs aplenty.

Friendships made and blossomed. Well done to everyone that took part. It was a tough one, mud in that quantity was never seen before, 16km worth of it!

WINNER of National JCI Ireland Friendly Business Awards for Community Impact goes to… Republic of Fitness.

This is whatthe JCI said about RoF:

“This category was written for this business. This is exactly what they have created, a community that is making a massive impact.

They are not only shaping and changing many lives with their health and wellness programmes but they have also created a unique spot where like minded people can meet up and build friendships and find a place to belong.

Congrats to all involved in making this happen.”

#FBA19 Republic of Fitness