October 2

Chloe Moran (Gym, Strength & Conditioning & Weight Loss)


I started my journey with Republic of Fitness in January 2020 after being amazed by results I saw from Facebook posts. I had been putting it off for a long time and my weight had been creeping up but decided in the new year this was going to be it. After a highly informative consultation with Matthew we decided on a 6-week programme. I then met Roseanne, who is my accountability coach.

From the get-go I was kept on my toes with daily check ins, the sending on of steps and meals, and tailored workouts to suit everyone. After a successful 6 weeks the guys soon realised there was no getting rid of me. I was hooked. Between small group training focusing on strength, posture and cardio, as well as HIIT classes, jump fit, The Thursday Club and so many more, there really is so much to choose from. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, I have become so much more confident in myself, my diet has improved, and I have made friendships with some amazing people. I went from being breathless climbing the stairs to running (okay fast walking/running) 5K and more. 

Republic of Fitness has so much to offer, Including a state of art Fit3D scanner, Myzone belts and classes and a community of amazing people. If you have ever thought about maybe changing your lifestyle, there is no time like the present. I have made plenty of excuses over the years. The hardest part is walking in the door on your very first day. Once you accomplish that you can do anything. I have, and I will continue to keep giving 100% with Republic of Fitness supporting me all the way.  


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