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Hi, my name is Matthew Boccaccio and I want so much for you to feel happy and heathy that I am offering our full fitness, nutritional and coaching services for absolutely FREE!

5 Step Transformation Process

Health Consultation

A 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation to ensure your programme lines up perfectly with your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Your coach will help you adopt healthier eating habits – and make them stick!

Fitness Coaching

Professional coaches will guide and support you throughout your 21-day transformation.

Group Training

Group training sessions are great for holding you accountable for turning up and putting 100% effort into your workout.

Goal Setting

Our 21 day challenge will gift you astonishing results. become empowered to stay on track, gain confidence and hit those goals!

What Else To Expect?

Here at Republic of Fitness, we have been helping people improve, move and  feel better for over 10 years. We know how to get the best from our clients because we approach each client individually focusing on what matters - support and accountability.

Customised Programme

A professional ROF coach will design and manage your personalised workout plan covering specific exercises suited to your fitness level, bespoke training to match your goals, (Weight loss, strength training, injury recovery etc), nutritional tracking, step-by-step guidance and much more.

21 Day Fitness Plan

Our fitness plans have helped hundreds of people achieve their dream body without boredom, repetition, or injury. A bespoke fitness plan tailored to your body type and fitness level will keep your exercises fun and effective. Whether you train at home or the gym we've got you covered!

21 Day Nutrition Plan

Our 21 Day Nutrition Plans will outline everything you need to do to consistently eat healthily and lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off! Your nutritional plan will be customised based on what you like to eat and what works best for your body.

Your Own Coach for 21 Days

Your coach will be there for you on every step of your 21 Day Transformation Challenge. Your coach will help you with fitness modifications, recovery, nutrition advice plan and more. Your coach is there to help you stay motivated, focused and to hold you accountable to your personal goals.

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Meet Matthew Boccacio

"The Republic of Fitness is not a gym, it is a fitness community which helps people achieve their personal health goals; and we do this through love and support. We are all simply outcomes of our daily habits and If anyone wants a different outcome, they must be prepared to make small changes to their systems, lifestyle and habits. That is why here at Republic of Fitness we focus on support. if you are not happy with where you are right now, if you decide right now, you want to improve, we can help! That is why I offer my 21 day transformation challenge absolutely free, because it works!" 

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A few examples of amazing transformations from our members.
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Jennie Rock Flanagan (Online Client)
6 Week Challenge

"What can I say but thank you to all the crew at ROF. I joined last April on their 21 day trial online and and I was hooked.  With the help of Matthew and my accountability coach Frank I was stuck in a rut like most in lockdown but I began to enjoy working out again with each class came a different trainer Mark, Frank, Matthew, Rosanna and Alex each had there different ways of teaching which I loved. However, even though I had the classes down I needed to reset my diet and mindset associated around food. Thats when I decided to do the 6 week challenge. Fast forward 6 weeks later and I'm down 8kg and not going back . Thanks to Rosanne for keeping me positive and for reaching my goal and pushing me. Why didn't i do this before?
Anyone looking for a change I highly recommend Republic of Fitness.

Jennie Rock Flanagan (Online Client) 
6 Week Challenge

republic of fitness case studies

Nicole Whelan (Online Client)
6 Week Challenge

"Brilliant place, brilliant coaches, just finished my 6 week challenge and I'm over the moon I'm down 17 pounds, which I thought would take me a year to lose with the way I used to try to get in shape, got a brilliant nutrition plan, great classes which I actually really enjoy doing (never thought I'd say that) everyone is so welcoming and so helpful, Matthew, Frank, Alex.
My accountability coach Roseanne Meehan is absolutely fantastic for encouragement and keeping you on your toes when ya have days of feeling like giving up. anyone struggling with trying to get that motivation I highly recommend giving these guys a shout you wont regret it , I've tried everything for years and I'm so happy now.

Nicole Whelan (Online Client) 
6 Week Challenge

A word from your coach

The ROF programme is unique because first and foremost we focus on support. We will support you throughout your journey. If  you're ready! - then we're waiting!

- Matthew Boccaccio


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